PRIME360, BJ Grondin

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

PRIME360 was started in 2013 on a mission to help others lead more fulfilling lives through their health and vitality services. Services offered include Movement Therapy, Athlete Development, Personal Training, and Lifestyle Coaching.  Recently, at the start of 2017 we moved locations and partnered up with Cornerstone Wellness to offer a collaborative approach to the wellness services provided to the community.

PRIME360 is not your everyday personal training studio. We offer a movement based approach designed to help you feel better and move well, often and in a variety of different ways.  Not every one person is the same, so why should they do the same exact thing as everyone else.  The Principle Strategy Technique process used to guide our programming allows us to create the most functional environment for our members to achieve success. We work with any soft tissue injuries that may be presented as well as aches and pains within our movement therapy services. The athletes we see range from 5th grade to the professional level and see us for enhancement of performance with decreased injury rates. We also have many professionals use our services for weight loss, natural health goals, and increased productivity practices. 

Movement Therapy is our difference maker, what sets us apart. We search for the root cause of pain, discomfort, and disease within the body. Then, we work on fixing the cause rather than chasing symptoms that are a result of the cause.

    •  Increased circulation to the impacted area to promote healing

    •  A physical release of tension can also correlate with an

       emotional release of stress

    •  Relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and much more

Lifestyle Coaching is holistic and based on the 4 pillars of living in your PRIME: Movement, Nutrition, Restoration, and Mindset. When creating optimal lifestyles that will work in today’s society, we use your current schedule and goals to achieve sustainable results.

    •  Weight management

    •  Increased Productivity

    •  More energy

    •  Overall better health

Personal Training is an experience for one on one or groups to achieve optimal function for their lives. Our movement training will enhance strength, mobility, power, and endurance.

    •  Individual

    •  Fun and task specific

    •  Shown to increase bone density more than traditional training

       and prevent life related injuries

Athlete Development is the best way to optimize performance. Through our unique training system, we’ll tap into the full potential of the athlete, inside and out, while simultaneously reducing the risk of future injuries.

    •  Sport Specific

    •  Unlocks peak potential

    •  Significantly Reduces injury